Making it in the performing arts industry is almost as stiff and difficult as in the music. They both are similar in nature and they both has everything in common with regards to talent promotion Technics, talents management and exposure process down to the business of the arts itself.

The Morgeez Podcast on the Performing Arts industry is a diligent approach to break down most of the hindrance that independent actors, models, poets, presenters and others encounters in their desire to top make it through to the big time.

This is another precious interviews format and talents profiling formats of podcasts where we invites industry experts and experience minds to come discuss their career, their challenges to dates, solutions and measures they have taken that enables them to succeed or get to where they are currently.

We welcome everyone from film directors, writers, producers, the actors, DOPs and everyone within the television and film production, distribution and publishing industries. We like to have you on the show. Click here to book a podcast session for free.

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