Why do I need Podcast Interview

This questions is very common these days. It is common because the wave of podcasting is moving fast across the world that some pundits or some people who hasn’t yet got the wind, may still have to ask these kind of questions either to friends, colleagues or podcasters who are pitching their services to them.

Yes, this is my general exclamation to this type of reaction from time to time I hear someone through up that question or remark. As the clock turns and the pendulum is shifting upon the behaviour of human beings, everything has total change and changing even faster than anyone can imagine. Just few years back from now, the internet was just like a thing for very few elites or educated people. But today and going forward, the internet has strolled its way into the homes of even the most rural people around the world.

Now, with the above being said, the podcasting question has almost being answered, because, the introduction, use and consumption of podcast contents, heavily relies on the internet. and as the clock ticks and the so many technological innovations, gadgets and many other facilities made available that made people to access the internet so easily, the idea of podcasting and podcast is becoming a must for every business, and professionals alike.

Simply put, podcast helps your message get across to your target audience very easily so much so that anyone can access your message and contents all over the world.


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